Think like a winner: Lessons learned from a 5 year old

I have found that board games are one of the best activities to spend time with your kids. It is a great time to talk about life in general, how their day went, who do they played with at recess, what they learned, and what it’s bothering them most. It is a great time to teach them to be patient and to stop and think about making decisions.

My daughter is 5 years old and her favorite game is the matchmaking memory game. Cards are all placed facing down. Players take turns to pick two cards. If the cards match, the player picking the cards keep them. The player that has more matches at the end of the game is the winner.

I try to play hard, to concentrate and to memorize the position of the cards. I repeat the name, the image and create a story around it. They are like 50 cards. It is hard to make a consistent story of the cards spread everywhere. The incredible fact is that she ends up wining most of the times without any effort of internal repetition or effort to memorize any card. This weekend I found the reason.

When we were playing last Friday, she suddenly stopped and said she wanted to write something in her notebook. I said I was fine. While she was writing, I was looking at the cards trying to remember the images of the ones we had turn over in the last hands.








Then she showed me the note and I understood why she wins most of the times. She really wants to beat dad. Her desire is so big she wrote it down “Win the memory game”. She showed the note to me with excitement and really meaning it. Her sparkling eyes told me everything. It is not about how hard you work and concentrate on the details of your job or work. It is more about your desire to be triumphant. That desire will overcome the obstacles, will bring all the energy needed to pursue your dreams, will make you concentrate on the important tasks, and might beat your dad in a board game.

Take your goal and put all your desire on it, write it down, flip the cards and make it happen.



You might guess what happened at the end of the game…  I lost again!



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