Elisheba and the Moon

One day a little girl was sitting on a bench. A full moon cleared the sky like a second day. No stars can be seen, only the white beautiful ornament dangling in the grey space. She looked deeply at the moon and felt a wash of light, refreshing beam of softness on her eyes, body and spirit. She took a deep deep breath, closed her eyes and put her hands on her heart, feeling all the joy of the world expanding from her chest. She opened her eyes again and looked at her friend in the sky.

– Girl, you are swimming in love and joy, now you can ask me anything that you do want.

– Moon. Thank you. I want a flower.

In the hands of the little girl, a partially opened red Colombian flower appeared in her hands. It was as wide as her hand with silk thorns. Its fragrance impregnated her soul with good thoughts.

– Moon. Thank you. This is soo beautiful… I want a puppy.

A tiny bark was heard from the corner of the room. A small Havanese dog joyfully run to her lap. She named him Toby. He licked her face and tickle her spirit.

– Moon. Thank you. He is so cute… I want inspiring love.

The moon placed the girl on Earth and gave her the name of Elisheba. Gave her parents that showed her unconditional love. Gave her siblings that taught her how to fast forgive and love no matter what. Gave her friends to create magical experiences. Gave her the world in a blank canvas for her to paint.

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