Gratitude in the heart of your home

You can’t be angry when you are feeling gratitude.

You can be resentful when you are feeling gratitude.

You can’t be sad when you are feeling gratitude.

Feeling gratitude transitions your emotions to felling love about what you have.

Once you love what you have you are opening your heart to more abundance, more love, more experiences that will trigger positive emotions.

Let’s make this a big deal. Not only couple thoughts you capture in the morning or before you go to sleep in a journal. Let’s display it big in the heart of our homes.

I have a gratitude board in the middle of the living room that reminds us of some things we are grateful about. I also invite guests to write what they are thankful for.

This morning we restarted the board. I’m grateful that my little one was appreciative for other than family, such as hugs, the moon, and herself!

I’m also grateful that if you read this post you might transition to a better feeling and remind you that we are alive and enjoying this wonderful planet with incredible family and friends. Just put your hands in your heart, close your eyes and take a deep breath.

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